Yaya Had To Leave. Here’s What She Left Behind.

You are looking right at my greatest contribution to humanity for the past few weeks.

Being yayaless made me busier and exhausted. Prior to her leaving I was so worried I might miss out a lot - online, to-do lists, deliverables, back logs.....

Photo taken by a 3 year old toddler
Us at 7 in the morning. Taken by my 3 year old toddler, Atlas, using his belens camera

but two full weeks today I’d say I never felt more fulfilled in my 2-day old sleep suit, unwashed hair — okay let’s stop at that. It’s gross I know 🤣

and being able to spend more time with my kids to play, watch TV (I resorted to that, yes, no regrets) while munching on a non-organic, commercially produced snack (okay that too, yikes) made me feel more alive.

More connected.