What We Need To Know About Braxton Hicks

Last night, a sudden discomfort messed up my usual bed time routine with Atlas. I felt a sharp and throbbing pain on my lower abdomen and was so uncomfortable for at least 5 minutes. It scared me! Am I having contractions? DEFINITELY.

I knew needed a distraction so I kept on playing with my toddler (however disturbing the discomfort was), as I patiently wait for my soon to be OB-Gyn sister to attend to my emergency.

So to keep my mind off the contraction and panic, I read about pre-term labor and Braxton Hicks. Yes, this is the second time I have been pregnant but my first with "false labor" as what Braxton Hicks is commonly known at.

What we need to know about Braxton Hicks mom, at last

"Practice contractions"; "false labor"; "warm-up contractions"; "a fire drill";

it's when the uterus starts to rehearse for the big day as they say. Discomfort aside, Braxton Hicks contractions are harmless and it may actually help to soften and dilate your cervix as preparation for the delivery.

Be warned though, these contractions are sometimes hard to distinguish from "pre-term labor". So it's best that we know the difference between the two.