Life In The Time of Corona: Weeks of Slowing Down, Years Worth of Living

Summer vacay, out of town junkets, parties, events, malls, coffee shops, gym, parks:

So much for vacation plans and sunny outdoors this summer. 

We’re asked to stay home.

We’re forced to slow down and spend quality time with our loved ones.

We’re pushed to make use of the resources we have the best way we could.

It's easy to feel defeated and think that we have no control over anything, but If you think about it, it’s all good. This crisis makes us realize what matters most in our lives.

It reminds us how priceless our family above all is; that human connection is valuable.

In this still moment of life we are reminded of how little we need to live, and how precious life is.

It highlights the many blessings we have at home; and reveals how trivial things are outside our front doors.

I know that sounded preachy like it’s the most meaningful seven weeks of our lives.

The heck, we still have so much to worry about!