WHY You Should Disinfect Smart Phones and Other Everyday Items More Than You Sanitize Your Hands

Oh hello! I promised this article is way more stirring than any matinee meeting your gaze and surprise! With the recent health crisis scares, what else could be more engaging other than zapping bacteria and viruses?

While I was winding down, enjoying my cup of joe, and pretending I have more important things on my phone - well I actually was doing something productive.

Earlier I took a photo of all the stuff I held and while I’m sure I did forget some like car door handle, elevator buttons etc — these that I took made me think how much germs my hands may have harbored from touching those objects?

How many millions (or billions) of bacteria can I potentially spread using my hands?

They say there's about 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimetre of skin on our hands and we can spread these little critters to other objects or people including our little ones if we don't sanitize it. YIKES!

Not being a germaphobe, although I sometimes am, but when you’re a mom and you have little kids, you have to zero in on hygiene and sanitation. It is our health's first line of defense.