Third Trimester Checklist to Get You Super Prepared for D-Day

If you search for a third trimester checklist, chances are, you'll get overwhelmed.

With all the available lists you can use, and the things you need to tick off the list in so little time. But first things, first, WELCOME TO THE THIRD TRIMESTER, mama!

How are you feeling? Excited? Anxious? Nervous?

Me? darn. I feel like I want to pause time.

So many things I want to accomplish, so many Tayo the Little Bus episodes I still want to watch with my toddler, and places I want to go with my husband,

but tick tock, the clock is ticking.

The best we can do is make these last 12 weeks really count (I have 10 left as of writing). Making the nursery look perfect and reading pregnancy books while getting a mani-pedi sound fantastic for first time moms, it's a bit different for moms who already have kids.