P.S. Life Can Always Get Brighter

I was pretty sure I can make it on my own.

You can tell, that's a late teens' and early twenties' self-glorification. Crazy huh? But being raised by a strong and independent woman raised the bar high.

All along I thought it’s always better to work alone and achieve things on my own. It makes me feel empowered and driven to accomplish my goals be it short-term or long-term. I grew up believing if I want something, by all means I will get it, by myself.

Sure it was easy and less complicated, but behind that daunting confidence was fear.

I was scared to ask, too shy to seek help, and afraid I might come off feeble and weak.

Then I met Jayson, the complete and total opposite of who I am.

He is so good with people. It's difficult not to sound too patriotic of him but with all sincerity, I can't think of one thing he's not good at, except maybe English. Lol