P.S. Life Can Always Get Brighter

I was pretty sure I can make it on my own.

You can tell, that's a late teens' and early twenties' self-glorification. Crazy huh? But being raised by a strong and independent woman raised the bar high.

All along I thought it’s always better to work alone and achieve things on my own. It makes me feel empowered and driven to accomplish my goals be it short-term or long-term. I grew up believing if I want something, by all means I will get it, by myself.

Sure it was easy and less complicated, but behind that daunting confidence was fear.

I was scared to ask, too shy to seek help, and afraid I might come off feeble and weak.

Then I met Jayson, the complete and total opposite of who I am.

He is so good with people. It's difficult not to sound too patriotic of him but with all sincerity, I can't think of one thing he's not good at, except maybe English. Lol

He has a natural way of bringing life wherever he is. He can make anyone feel special, fascinated, happy, or safe, or secure. Now I realize why I fell head over heels on this man 11 years ago. loool.

The way he would iron out things for me and mutter in his funny and charming way: “sino bang kasama mo?” won me over and over, even up to date.

I like that he takes charge and brought down the walls of this tenacious woman.

He showed me it’s okay to trust, to count on someone, and most important of all, he made me see the beauty of having someone around who will take care of you.

And then Atlas came along. It's like the universe shifted gears in good and tear jerking ways. Challenges, petty fights, arguments, and what have you. There are so much to recall, some I wish I could just lock in the past, but those made us who and what we are today.

We do have a long way to go but 11 years of love and friendship, 4.5 years of marriage, I can proudly say WE made it.

And I owe so much of these wins to him.

He has shown me a brighter side of life. He opened my heart and inspired me to be a better person. I'm glad he ripped it open, because it brought me nothing but all sorts of wonder.

More than being a doting life partner, he made sure there’s more love and support that surround me; he brought me closer to the best people I could possibly have in my life.

And he doesn't stop there; it's as if he made it his life goal to make me and our family feel safe and secure in every way he can.

In fact, he started securing our future with insurance policies since Atlas.

To be honest, I was skeptic at first. To me, it was like attracting bad things to happen, but knowing Jayson's intention brings me peace.

In case the inevitable happens, there will be someone who will take care of things for you.

He said. In Filipino of course.

To date, he purchased four policies for me and the kids, while he signed up for his own. Wait did I sound proud? Cause I am.

It's satisfying to know that no matter what happens, our little As get the security they deserve.

Now I couldn't be more confident the days will seemingly be brighter for our family. My lifetime partner, my "kaakbay" in life, sought out a lifetime financial security as our family's partner in securing our future.

Through Sunlife's SUN Smarter Life Classic,we have faith that our family’s future is ensured; and that may we be in need of immediate funds, we banked a lifetime partnership that we can trust and rely on.

What difference can having a “partner” make, I’m sure my teenager self would never believe. I thought I was already living “the life”, but who would have guessed, life as it is can get significantly brighter.

Mine may have come in the form of a big ball of sunshine, but a lifetime partner could be anyone or anything that helps you shine to your full potential.

I’m sure in one way or another, we all want one, right?

Because at the end of the day, in this life full of uncertainties, we all want something to make us feel safe and secured.

For Enchong Dee, this is what a lifetime partner means: