More Healthy Options for Everybody

Couple of years ago, maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle was such a quest. In order to get an all-natural and organic produce, one must source directly to farms and other varied sources.

So when Healthy Options opened its doors in 1995, it shed so much light and life in terms of health, nutrition, and vitality to many Filipinos.

healthy Options the podium
Healthy Options, The Podium

My first encounter of this shop was in 2009, way back I was so self-conscious about my physique. But that alone is not enough motivation to embrace a healthy lifestyle. For the 20-something me, that goal is just too expensive. Although just shortly after that phase, I welcomed healthy living with arms wide open; be it for physique, aesthetics, and just about general well-being, one thing remained: I become a little uneasy when it's time to pay for the cart.

It validates the cliche - health is wealth. But the irony is, most of us do not invest on it thinking it's luxury. (And we're willing to pay for a venti frappuccino for over 200 bucks a drink, meh)

Not going to lie, I'm guilty of that too!

So each time I pop by the store, I would carefully pick items I need. I remember having 5 items at most in my cart and then admire (sometimes get jealous) of shoppers pushing a cart full of goods from the store. How many times have I dreamed of doing that too but then dismiss the ide