Minimize the Risk of Coronavirus Exposure while Grocery Shopping. Here's How:

There’s a simple joy in grocery shopping that is hard to match;

pushing a cart from one aisle after another; viewing and comparing prices; and physically adding them to cart; rolling the shopping trolley out of the store with eco-friendly bags neatly lined up -- there’s an odd sense of bliss that physical grocery shopping brings.

But that was around 5 weeks ago, when a trip to the grocery can either be a mini vacay from your little army or a mini date with your three year old. Since the coronavirus pandemic, things haven’t been the same and grocery trips to the store were inconsistent and frenzied. 

These days you can’t go out without worrying if the virus mutated and the air you breathe can get you infected; or if the items you are bringing home were touched by a sick person.

Times have changed and you now need a grocery strategy that includes shopping prior to bath time, and a seperate post grocery checklist aka things you should be paranoid about.

I know we all miss the moments where we feel a sense of normalcy, but in case you might have gone hiding in your cave (with all that’s happening, we can’t blame you), this is already the new normal.

Experts say we should opt for online shopping and deliveries for a safer alternative, but sometimes a store visit is unavoidable especially when there are factors at play like schedule, availabil