Dry skin to Itchies to Stretchmarks: How to safely and effectively treat skin issues while pregnant

I may have not been #blessed with a beauty queen height, a shampoo commercial hair, or a statuesque physique, but my fair complexion and seemingly pore-less skin makes up for all of it.

Unfortunately, that only asset of mine becomes more of a flaw during pregnancy. My skin is dry and flaky as a molting lizard from head to toe;

scaly scalp,

rough, red patches on face,

flaky arms and legs, and

itch on places you can only imagine

6 months Bumpdate in Blanqi Vanessa Bernabe

Pregnant and expecting moms, did you have these too? I found out skin issues like this can abound along with dark blotches on the skin, hair growth in unusual areas, thinning hair on their head, rashes, acne, stretch marks, brittle or splitting nails, weird rashes, and worsening of existing skin conditions.