Baby Shower Made Simple + IG Worthy Venues in Quezon City

Nowadays, people love hosting and attending events, and we're one with that!

But each time we do, we don't just look for a nice venue to hold a gathering, we always make sure we provide a great experience for our guests.

I mean, it's a day of celebration, with your family and closest friends. It has to be the #bestdayever, right? But like any other parties big or small, planning one consumes a lot of time, effort, and money.

Say hello to researching venues, reviewing caterers, pinteresting decors, narrowing guests, and gift registry. Any hormonal preggo mama can just hire a planner which by the way adds cost, or simply opt out of the plan.

But wait!! A new baby is something to be celebrated with loved ones! And a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to share the news and actually spend time (while you still can) with them. Cause once the baby’s out, it’s a whole different story.

On our case, we had our gender reveal as planned and hosted by my sisters and MommyBFFs. It was supposedly Gender Reveal slash baby sprinkle in one because if we can cut corners, why not, but my friends had a different plan. I think the deciding factor was when some of the generous brands we worked for pledged gifts and whatnots for the party.

WOAH. This really needs to happen!